Create and live a more joyful and balanced life. 


Working with me will allow you to assess various aspects of your life and create more joy, peace, and balance. We will ground our work together in mindfulness practices, taking a mind, body, spirit approach, using practical and uncomplicated tools to achieve the balance you seek. As a trained Drama Therapist, I am able to help you assess what additional support you may need, and make any necessary referrals. 

My balanced wellness practice includes workshops and retreats for adults and youth, as well as individual well-being counseling for adults.

Focus Areas:

  • Personal Practices 

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Movement and Exercise

  • Relationships

  • Home Environment

  • Career and Finances

  • Mental Health

About Me

Rena Marie Guidry is an educator, wellness professional, and performer. She has facilitated trainings and workshops covering topics such as therapeutic communications, corporate wellness, and creating inclusive work environments for people in various industries; such as educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and corporations. She is a trained Drama Therapist, with a Masters degree in counseling psychology and she has mindfulness leadership training.

Rena Marie has been a performer for over 30 years and has led high-energy, packed dance classes with Rhythm & Motion since 2011. She also brings her love of dance to people outside of the studio, leading retreats both locally and globally. 

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