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Rhythm & Motion

Berkeley Ballet Theater (Fusion) - Sundays 9am

ODC (Essentials) - Tuesdays 5:45pm

The Berkeley Alembic (Fusion) - Wednesdays 5:45pm

*Summer dance retreat information coming soon

FUSION is our original high-energy, fast-paced class format. It blends popular and global music and dance styles for a fun and addictive dance workout experience.

ESSENTIALS is ideal for new and experienced students alike. Get an invigorating workout while going deeper into the steps and fundamentals of Rhythm & Motion choreography.

​All Rhythm & Motion classes incorporate a dynamic mix of movement and music styles. The choreography is firmly rooted in dance fundamentals, and is inspired by popular music from around the world, including Latin, hip hop, African, alternative, and R&B. For more information go to

​Hip Hop Jazz

Join Rena Marie for an opportunity to step on stage and dance fully and expressively in a Hip Hop Jazz workshop. You will experience a rich warm-up aimed at strengthening your core and legs, to support strong expansive movement. You will have the opportunity to dance big, with grace, as well as, power. Hip Hop Jazz  classes are offered at various studios (pop-ups), dance camps, and retreats. 

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Academy of Sciences dance night.
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Bay Area Dance Week Kick-Off Event 2015
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